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In Loving memory of My Dad 5-20-1919 / 12-17-2012
Greg Pictured with his Father a WWII Marine Corps Veteran
 Dudley O'Connor Watkins, who's mother was from Ireland and father was Welsh and Ottawa indian.
Learning at an early age diversity has been the key to his life, with a diverse family heretage and serving his country in forgine counrties Greg has always enjoyed
learning from other cultures. Gregs Father taught him it is the strongerperson who stands up for those who can't stand up for themselves, from a early age Greg has been standing up for the little guy. Now as an educator and children's advocategreg not only teaches children but through his articles that have been published world wide discuss the importance of teaching children how to along with kids who are different.

Help Your Kids Make A Difference

7 Ways To Help Your Child Get Along With Kids Who Are Different

We've found that many bullying situations arise from children being different. Did you know that children start noticing differences in skin coclor, gender and physical ability at an early age?
They begin to connect certian attitudes and feelings with those differences by seeing how adults react to them. Are you doing everything you can do to make sure your child developes compassion and respect for diversity?
Here are seven ways you can help your children embrace those who dance to the beat of a different drummer:
1. Talk to your child. Open the lines of communication and discuss what makes each of us unique.
2. Foster Friendship. Encourage your child toget to know the person they think is "different".
3. Open your home. Invite kids from different backgrounds other than your own to visit.

4. Readbooks. Choose books like "A Big Beaked Big Bellied Bird Named Bill"  and "Brendon Mouse's Big Idea to save the Bad Bird Bunch," that were written for kids and can spark conversation about dealing with differences.
5. Explore cultures outside your own. Eat at an ethnic restauraunt,watch films or television shows to help your children gain an understanding of other cultures.
6. Get involved. Participate in activities that expose children to diverse groups of people.
7. Encourage your children to speak up when they see someone, especially another child, being treated unfairly.

Family Life;

Greg Watkins a former Marine of the Viet Nam Era, was born in Grand Rapids Michigan, later moved to Lansing then Farmington, just outside of Detroit where he spent half of his adult life before moving to the south. Moving to South Florida then 10 years in Roswell Georgia and now back to residing in Bradenton Florida, with his wife Shanna three of his four children and their two dogs Mickey and Pluto.
 Greg is the youngest of eight children. Greg he loves nature and art and believes he gets his love of nature from his Ottawa Indian side of the family,the story telling from his Fathers Mother, with whom Greg would spend his summers on the shores of lake Michigan fishing, swimming and tracking the trout steams. His love for art and toy making come naturally from his Maternal side of the family GregLoved and was blessed to spend a lot of time with his Swedish Grand Mother who was an artist as well were his Mother and Aunt. Greg in turn loved to doodle as a child because he had difficulty with dyslexia, having to work hard in school to keep up with the other children he stood out and was sometimes bullied for being different.  When ever Greg would see other children being bullied he would always come to their rescue. He always had a dream of one day entertaining and educating children and encouraging them to stick up for the little guy. Years later Greg returned to his home town where he received his Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Kendall College of Art and Design @ Ferris State University. His life changed in 2001, a  broken back from a car accident left him unable to continue his work in construction, so he seized the opportunity to live his childhood dream and finished three of his first books while recovering. Today he enjoys writing and speaking, his articles on Bullying have been published everywhere and he’s appeared on National Radio. His passion is working with children and helping wounded and other Veterans find employment and other volunteer opportunities when he can.


Some fellow Veterans I met on a Bus Trip to Washington DC Restoring Honor, July 2010. Veterans from Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Operation Freedom, Iraq and Afghan Vets as well. We even had a submarine Veteran now that is a rare breed. God bless our Veterans and all our Service Members., and may God Bless America.
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