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Published by Pelican Publishing Company, Gretna, LA




Book #2  This book about the value of friendship and helping others—even those who may not be your friends—teaches children that sometimes offering assistance can help everyone in the end.

"In a very non-threatening way Greg presents parents with a wonderful tool in helping their kids deal with bullies and even deal with fitting in....I loved this book so much I even passed it on to a family who recently moved into our community so they could read it to their daughter."-Dr Rus D. Jeffery, 1420 WACK Radio Newark , NY

Integrity, Friendship, and cuddly illustrations make a Big Beaked Big Bellied Bird Named Bill a wonderful tool to introduce and discuss bullying and acceptance and respecting others' individuality."Library Reviews

"Teaches and entertains- and leaves children with important messages about tolerance and acceptance."

Jim Barnes Editor, Independent Publisher Online  

With colorful artwork throughout your child will learn what true friendship is all about. If you enjoy reading to or with  your child
these books will be a delight. Written for ages 4-9 they can be enjoyed by both beginning and young readers alike, start your adventures in reading and build those bonds built only by books. The "Big Bill and Buddies," series will both entertain and educate your child, start your adventure today!


 "This book will help show your child the importance of choosing good-hearted friends and not paying any mind to bullies."
Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Let the "Big Bill and Buddies," Series of Picture Books  help you teach your children the most important skills you want them to learn early:

Diversity, Forgivness,Acceptance, Loyalty and Friendship.

 See what Independent Publisher Online has to say about A Big Beaked, Big Bellied Bird Named Bill . . .

 Teaching Diversity, Tolerance, and Acceptance With A Big Beaked Big Bellied Bird Named Bill

"In this increasingly diverse society that we live in, where do we begin teaching our children about cultural and social differences they face on a daily basis?

 One place is to start focusing on teaching them to accept individual physical and personality traits, as well as, any social or cultural characteristics they experience in their friendship circles. Understanding the imperative need to educate children about individuality and acceptance, author

and parent Greg Watkins has written A Big Beaked, Bill Bellied Bird Named Bill - a new children's picture book that teaches and entertains - and leaves children with important messages about tolerance and acceptance.


You are all friends? A worm, a mouse, a dog, and a cat? I was always told I should stick to my own kind . . . You are all different. Shouldn't you be enemies?

 What follows is a special story about a big beaked, bellied bird named Bill. Being the new bird in town is tough, and when the Bad Bird Bunch give Bill the brush-off, Bill learns that best friends dont have to look just like him. Ultimately Bill discovers that real friends stick by your side - even when you have to face up to mean bullies . . . or a big, hungry alligator. If you and your kids love to read books aloud, and enjoy the physical act of reading and sounding out works, this one's for you. The text follows the title's lead, adding a big batch of fun-to-pronounce B words: Big Bellied Bill moves to Bird Bluff; he risks the dangers of big cats in the bushes; and finds friends named Brendon, Bob, and Bartholomew. Together this band of buddies deals with a big, bad bunch of bullies, and learn important lessons

about friendship and standing up for one another. The illustrations are as fun as the dialog, and it all adds up to a great way to inspire kids to read and to learn about interacting with friends."

Jim Barnes, Editor

Independent Publisher Online


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